Monday, November 1, 2010

5 down, 1 to go

You don't know happy I am to almost be done with treatment. It's actually gone by quite fast, thank goodness! It's hard to believe that I only have one more treatment and then I'm done with the hard stuff! (I have to do maitenance therapy for a year which only requires 1 drug and 2 days in the hospital vs. 5 drugs and 5 days-totally doable.) I'm so grateful that I've had my parents with me throughout the entire treatment, I can't imagine getting through it without them. Eric has done a great job "holding down the fort" too while I'm in the hospital and our family members and friends that have helped with our kids, cleaned our house, and brought meals are such blessings to us.

This last round of treatment was actually harder than the previous ones. Not the recovery part so much, just the week in the hospital. I was more nauseous this time with less appetite. I was also more wiped out and tired, which isn't a bad thing sleeping through the entire week! :) The doctor says he can hardly see my only tumor left on the x-ray, so we are gearing up for a "complete response", which is awesome! That's what every cancer patient strives for. Now, I just need to stay that way, which I plan to do! I know that in combination with the treatment, the exercise (when I can), the diet (especially the juicing which I added to my regimen), the acupunture and hynotherapy to help with stress and positive visualization are all very important in this process of getting rid of the cancer. I firmly believe that it's EVERYTHING I'm doing, not just one thing. I also know that having a positive attitude and faith in God are probably the most important things that I'm doing!

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