Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sol Survivors success!

We have had success these past couple of months with our foundation, Sol Survivors Melanoma Foundation, in raising awareness for melanoma and educating our youth.  We recently spoke at Timberline and Rocky Mountain High School in Boise and have plans to speak to 2 more schools in December.
It has been such an empowering experience talking to these youth about melanoma and sharing our  knowledge as well as our personal stories with melanoma.  So far, we have gotten AWESOME feedback from both the teachers and students in the schools and all have invited us back next semester to repeat the curriculum.  Some of the things we cover in our presentation are:
1.  Melanoma facts and statistics relevant to the youth
2.  Common misconceptions and myths of melanoma/skin cancer
3.  Risk factors for melanoma
4.  Detection (ABCDE's)
5.  Prevention strategies
6.  Anti-tanning
7.  Embracing their skin or "Going with their Glow"
We try to make the whole presentation relatable to these teens by making it interactive, asking/answering questions, and even making it humerous at times.  We also show the Dear 16 Year Old Me video at the end, and of course share our personal stories with melanoma, both of which really grab their attention.
It has been effective so far, I think.  We have had a few students tell us they promise not to tan anymore!  Success!
The best part for me is sharing a little of my story with them as I know it relates to the choices they are making right now (that I also did at their age).  We are so grateful that our mission is moving forward and know that in the process of educating others, we will save lives ultimately!

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