Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Sol Survivors

We welcomed a couple of new Sol Survivors in the last couple of months.  One being, Reese Ferguson!  He is a Stage 4 Melanoma survivor, still undergoing treatments, but doing well.  Him and his wife, Kim, came to our Sol summer BBQ and it was so nice to meet them!  They were lovely and great, and a great addition to our group!
We have also added Courtney Knutson, not pictured here, within the last few months.  Courtney is a real go-getter and has already taken off with our Sol Survivors Instagram and Twitter accounts!  She is also a melanoma survivor, almost 6 years!  She is so fantastic and fits right in with all of the ladies!
We continue to try to spread the word about our group, and hope that we will continue to draw any and all persons affected by melanoma!

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