Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Moments We Stand

About 3 years ago, a Meridian, ID wife and mother went through the tragic death of her husband, who was murdered.  Her story was even featured on the TV show, 48 Hours.  I remember hearing about the incident because the murder took place about 2 miles from where I live.  I didn't personally know Ashlee, but we have many mutual friends.  Her story is truly unbelievable and courageous.  As you read her story, you want to feel sorry for her and for all that she has endured with her 5 children, but her words end up strengthening and lifting YOU up.  Her words are truly inspired and beautiful.  She is perhaps one of the strongest people that I know.
If you feel lost, hopeless, afraid, and drowned in sorrow, this story WILL touch you.  You can read Ashlee's story here.

"It is the extreme of darkness in this world that has brought me to many low points in my life.   I have seen its power and personally felt its despair.  I know it is real.  And through all the darkness, I have also seen much light. I have felt the power of light that becomes even stronger than any dark day. I have felt peace come when it felt impossible. I have been carried higher when I wasn’t sure if I would ever see hope again. This is my story. It is one of how darkness can be made light. A story of hope."

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