Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beautiful people

Meet Meredith and Nick.  Meredith is from North Carolina and Nick is from Australia.  Both are Stage 4 melanoma warriors.  Both led incredible lives and inspired thousands, maybe perhaps millions.  Sadly, booth recently passed away.
I hate melanoma!

If you have seen the video Dear 16 Year Old Me, you might recognize Meredith, the patient that shares her story with ocular melanoma.  You can read Meredith's legacy and journey here and here. 

Nick was a young father and husband who was fighting with the drug company that produces Anti-PD1 to extend compassionate use of the drug to hopefully help prolong his life.  He petitioned hard to get the drug, but ultimately lost the petition and lost his life earlier this month.  The part that makes me the saddest is that drug company recently just approved compassionate use of this drug for Stage 4 patients.  The irony!  You can read a little of Nick's story here
I did not know Meredith nor Nick personally, but I read their stories and followed their journeys.  They were definitely "beautiful" people!  I was both devastated and shocked when I heard the news that they both passed away.  What a legacy they left behind though and I only hope we can use their stories in a positive way to move our mission forward to educate others about melanoma.

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