Saturday, March 8, 2014

Which is healthier?

These two pictures are of the same music artist.  Do we even need to debate which one looks healthier and better?
Again, tans are out, your skin is in.  Embrace it, love it, go with your "glow".

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Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog and had to laugh at the tan/pale pic of Christina Aguilera. Probably because I am Cuban (olive complexion), myself and my fellow Cubanas LOVE the pale skin thing. One of my girlfriends who lives in Little Cuba - rather, Miami, FL drives her car wearing one of those hat with sides the Middle Eastern people wear in the desert so the sand doesn't pelt their face.

So it's funny that my immediate reaction to this image was - yuk, she looks SO MUCH better without that tan!

Much luck, health and long, long life to you!