Monday, November 25, 2013

Cancer surrounds us

We've all heard the saying that everyone has been touched by cancer in some form or another.  It's true though.  Cancer affects EVERYONE.

For example, just recently, we had a good friend (our age) lose her husband to brain cancer.  They had four young children.  It was just devastating.  And then my 8 yr old son's Primary teacher was recently diagnosed with a rare form of adrenal cancer.  Her cancer was caught somewhat late, and there aren't a lot of treatment options available to her, but she is fighting it to her best ability.
One of our Sol Survivors, Janice, just lost her mom to lung cancer.  She was in her early 60's and had beat lung cancer 13 years ago before it came back this year.  Such a sad loss for Janice and her sweet family.  Then there's Amy Dunn's father.  Remember Amy Dunn?  She was a fellow Sol Survivor, who lost her life to melanoma almost 2 years ago.  29 years old.  Her dad has Stage IV colon cancer and it just breaks my heart.
Cancer really is everywhere.  Cancer doesn't discriminate and it usually just sneaks up upon you!  There are days that I just hate cancer.  I wish scientists would find a cure for it already.  On the bright side though, cancer is a reminder of our mortality, our fragile existence, and how precious life is.  After having gone through that experience myself, I will never take that for granted.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shae Simis

 Meet our newest Sol Survivor, Shae Simis!  She is a 7 yr old Stage 3 melanoma warrior and lives in Meridian, Idaho.  Her mom recently reached out to us via our support group and we are so grateful to help support this family in any way we can!  Shae is currently undergoing treatment and doing well and we have big hopes for her to continue a long, happy, healthy life free of melanoma!  GO SHAE!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Wrong Road

I recently watched this video and it touched me so much I just to share it.  I feel like there have been many times in my life when I have realized that I am on the "wrong road" when I have felt it was right.  It is frustrating to go down a path that you feel is right, only to have to back track and find the right path.

What I have come to realize watching this video is that sometimes God leads you down the wrong path at first because he wants you to learn something, maybe an important life lesson that wouldn't have been learned any other way.  Or maybe God wants to reassure you that when you do find the right path, the other path was undoubtedly wrong.

While it may seem incredibly frustrating to be going the wrong direction for a time, in the end, I believe that is all for our good.  We can't learn or progress in this life without stumbling across road blocks in our path.  For when we do overcome those road blocks and find the right path again, we have a greater appreciation for our successes.

Friday, November 8, 2013

And yet another 3 months (sigh)...

Well, the good news continues and how blessed I feel!  My test results came back good once again, and remission continues.  I feel so incredibly grateful each time I hear this news.  I never take it for granted.  My doctor has decided that my next 3 month visit will be my last 3 month visit, so long as my results are good.  And then I graduate to 6 month visits and no more Yervoy!
I have mixed emotions about this, as I have continually been in treatment for 3 1/2 years without a break.  On one hand, I feel anxious about the cancer returning once I'm no longer in treatment, but on the other hand, I'm also grateful to only have to return twice a year.  I guess I just need to trust my doctor, the statistics (my recurrence rate has dropped tremendously), and most importantly, God!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Try again

When I saw this, I immediately thought of my sweet husband who is the master of perseverance, not giving up, and enduring to the end!  I also think of Abraham Lincoln who failed multiple times in his life before succeeding.  Great characters are built from our ability to never give up!