Sunday, February 15, 2015

Prayers for Andi and Alisa

Please say a prayer for my melanoma friends, Andi and Alisa, who are both battling melanoma and fighting for their lives right now.  My heart is breaking for them and their families and I am holding onto hope for a miracle for each of them!  I know it can happen and I know that by faith, anything is possible!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

4.5 Years!!

I just celebrated clean scans and 4.5 years remission!  This definitely calls for a "jump for joy"!  A few of my girlfriends tagged along with me to SF for a little getaway and for moral support.  We had a great time exploring my home city and of course, celebrating the good news!!
I have to admit, I had severe anxiety (maybe even more than normal) leading up to these scans.  I was having more nightmares than usual and it didn't help that in the recent weeks prior to my scans, a couple of my melanoma comrades weren't doing well.  That always leads to all kinds of doubt and fear of the cancer returning for me.  I just never take good news for granted and I don't ever feel confident that I will receive good news.  There was one small glitch in my good news however...My oncologist noticed that my scar tissue in my lung looked a little inflamed.  He thinks this is to due to a bad cold I was still going through (which was upper respiratory and sinus related).  It scared me a little, but he didn't seem too concerned about it.  He could tell that it made me nervous though, so instead of waiting 6 months for my next scans, I will be getting them in 3 months (here in Boise).  I just have to have faith that he feels confident it is nothing and just related to my infection.  I'm sure it is too, but I won't have 100% peace of mind until I get my next scans (in May).
Crossing fingers things will be ok and if so, I will get scanned again in August and then go 1 year between scans!!!