Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why I write...

For about 6 months now, I have had the urge, desire, or even call it prompting from God, to share my story and journey cancer. It has taken me this long to do something about it (yes, procrastination is a big problem of mine!). I guess this blog serves many purposes in my eyes. One, is that it is a way for me to document and journal my experiences for my kids and their kids to read about someday. Since my children are so young right now, they won't remember much of the trials we are facing at this time in our lives. But one day, I want them to remember and know how much this trial, the fight for my life, changed our lives. For the better. I want them to know how blessed we were, how much we grew and were strengthened through this experience, and most importantly, that we can and will get through whatever obstacle in life we are handed with the help and love from our Heavenly Father.

It is therapeutic and helpful for me to write this blog while I am in this fight. It gives me an outlet to let go of my stress, worry, and fear and remember who I am, what I've been blessed with, and how strong I really am. Obviously, it is also a way for our family and friends to know our happenings and get updates (along w/ our family blog). The last reason I share my journey, and probably the biggest, is to hopefully strengthen and inspire others to have courage, optimism, and faith through their trials. If I can do that, then mission accomplished.

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