Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back on the bike

I think I'm officially crazy. Like for real. Yesterday I decided to go out for my first ride of the season with a bunch of guys. And I was the only girl. Yeah for me, right?! Wrong. We did a 35 mile loop, which the first 20 miles weren't bad, but the last 15 I struggled to keep up. The first hill we hit my left leg cramped up bad and after that, I just didn't have any steam anymore. But there were some guys that stayed back with me and for that, I'm grateful.

I will say that I felt kinda cool being the only chick out there, not to mention the only one fighting cancer. And I have to give myself some credit. My exercise routine is still inconsistent with the treatments I have every month, so to go out and ride like that is really pretty good, I think. I guess I did it because in a few days I have CT scans and I needed to clear my head. And being on my bike is one of the best ways to do that!


Jules said...

Wow, girl you rock! That's awesome you were the only girl out there! You are one competitive soul. I remember Walsh running you so hard in track you'd throw up, except for the time we pretended to sneak to Great America :) Ha,ha....remember that.... Then we got found out and had to do push-ups in the wrestling room with everyone surrounding us in a circle, humiliating. That was a tangent, but good times!:)

Christina said...

I actually don't remember that, except for th throwing up part! That is hysterical, thanks for jogging my memory! XXOO