Friday, March 4, 2011

Holy sickness.

Wow. I think I just caught the worst cold/sinus infection I have ever had. In my entire life. Seriously. I think my immune system took a major hiatus and decided to throw everything at me this week. Sore throat. Fever (for 6 days, off and on). Body aches. Chest cough. Sinus pressure and conjestion. And major FATIGUE.

It started while Eric and I were in Sun Valley on a little weekend getaway. I developed a sore throat and cough while there and then Sunday once we got home, the fever started. By Tues night, my fever had reached 103.5 and we almost went to the hospital because we couldn't get it down. I was miserable! On top of it all, I struggled sleeping mostly because I would wake up coughing or needing to relieve my sinus conjestion. Fun times!

I'm finally doing better, still have a lot of mucus, but at least I'm not dealing w/ the other stuff. And I'm back to sleeping well. Oh, how I have missed you sleep!

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