Monday, October 24, 2011

Lisa James

I met this woman, Lisa James, on the Melanoma International Forum recently. We connected and started emailing each other about nutritional habits, but after hearing and reading her story, I felt inspired to share. This woman has been through a lot with melanoma and was told she wouldn't make it 6 months after her Stage 4 diagnosis (with brain mets), but is still here a couple years later. She says that, "Cancer can't steal my hope or crush my spirit!" I love that! She is a true fighter, a courageous woman, mother, and wife, and I have no doubt that God will provide a way for her to be healed. Please keep keep her in your prayers as she gets ready to start a grueling treatment in Texas (TIL therapy) and if you would like to read her story or drop her a note, this is where to find her:

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