Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yoga does a body good.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with yoga. I love it when I find a good instructor, when I break a sweat (only in Power Yoga or Ashtanga yoga), and when I leave feeling rejuvenating and invorgated. I hate it when I have a bad instructor (more times than not) and when I don't feel challenged enough.

Having cancer has made realize how important yoga is in my life. Not only for the mind-body connection, the breath, and the stress relief, but because my body genuinely NEEDS it. I am naturally a high-energy, high-intensity person on a mission. On a mission to torch the most amount of calories, break a good sweat, and feel my muscles and lungs burn. And the majority of my exericse reflects that--circuit strength training (high intensity), cycling, swimming, etc. Yoga, although it can be intense, is quite opposite of everything else I do. It gets me to really BE in my body. To be keenly aware of my body and my movements. It gives me the opportunity to really focus on my breath and stretch those tight muscles that I work doing my high-intensity exercise. More importantly, it allows me to release any stress or tension in my body and MIND. I think those are all powerful and invaluable motives for doing yoga, cancer or no cancer.

Recently, I have been taking classes 2-3 times/week at my local gym. I finally found a good instructor/class and I am loving it. I can tell such a difference in my balance, muscle recovery (from strength training), and flexibility. I leave feeling SO good. Someday I would love to get even more involved in yoga and possibly become an instructor. That is years down the road though when I have time to devote to something like that and I am a solid devotee/yogi.

In the meantime, NAMASTE! :)

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