Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sol Survivors Melanoma Foundation

Our official logo!!!

Idaho 'Sol' Survivors (minus one--the late Amy Dunn)

Well, we are getting closer to getting our website up and running for our foundation. We are also starting to work on all the paperwork required by the IRS to become an official 501c non-profit organization. Our name? Sol Survivors Melanoma Foundation. It took quite a few names before we landed on that one, but this is the one that we feel best about and what sums up our mission. We came up with the name 'Sol Survivors' last Fall when we were starting our support group, and that name has stuck with us. We call each other 'Solmates', I love that! We have also decided to dedicate our foundation to our fellow warrior who lost her life to melanoma, Amy Dunn. Our hope is to not only help prevent this disease from taking another life, but to bring other melanoma survivors together to help increase our odds of survival.

Right now we are in the process of writing the content for our website, which will be designed by the fabulous and talented Brooke Hall. She also came up with the logo design too. I think it is perfect. I am just so happy that everything is starting to come together. With our support group, the Idaho tanning legislation, and some community education classes that we have taught here in Boise, we are starting to really gain some momentum and get our name out there in the community.

Next up once we get our non-profit status and website live? To get it out there! We have plans to teach in junior high and high school health classes about sun protection and melanoma awareness. By the end of this year, we are hoping to have our first fundraising event. It will probably be a walk.
Big things in the future for our foundation. It just feels right. From the very beginning of my journey with melanoma, I have felt that I needed to do something in sharing my story and promoting awareness. I hope and pray that we can make a difference and help others.


Anonymous said...


Great name! Just wanted to tell you that "sol" means sun in Swedish, which I guess in a way is appropriate, given the cause you are fighting for.

Found your blog when diagnosed with melanoma, in my search for people who had gone through what I was going through. Your blog is a great inspiration and a good starting place for a person trying to orientate in a new and scary situation. The U.S being in the forefront in the battle against melanoma, and also having a different medical system than European countries means that your blog provides valuable medical information as well. Just wanted you to know that your blog reaches beyond the boarders of your own country and that your blog was such a great place to find, because it brought me hope, when everything else I could find on the internet did not.

Thank you so much for writing this blog. : ) It made melanoma a bit less scary and the future seem a bit more bright.

Best regards:

One of your readers in Europe

Christina said...

Dear Anonymous,

You have no idea how much your comment is appreciated! Especially on a day like today, where I recently lost a friend and fellow warrior to melanoma and also have some other personal issues going on.

Your words were tender mercies from God and gave me the added strength I need to keep fighting, to never lose hope, and to be an advocate to others--not only to prevent melanoma, but to give hope to those in the fight.

I pray for you in your journey as well that you find the treatments that you need. Never give up!

Thank you, THANK YOU!!!

P.S. I would love to connect with you sometime, would you mind emailing me? My email is:

I'm also glad you liked your name, Sol means sun in spanish too, very cool!!!

Alisa said...

Christina, just wanted to thank you for the bit of hope I found from your blog today. I am doing IL-2 right now and sometimes things seem bleak. You seem to be doing so well, I hope I can say that in a couple of years. It looks like we have a few things in common. Mother of boys for one. Good luck to you!

Christina said...


Wow! So nice to meet you! I will pray for you as well. I hope that your treatment works and you can get to remission!! Where are you doing treatment?

Keep in touch, if you have a blog I would love to follow it.