Friday, June 15, 2012


I am absolutely in love with this company, Coolibar.  They started in Australia, the skin cancer/melanoma capitol of the world and now bring their products to the U.S.  Not only do they offer phenomonal sun protective clothing items, but they also feature many stories of skin cancer survivors on their blog.

What I love best though is they offer the BEST of the best sunscreens out there.  Dermatologists recommened, Skin Cancer Foundation approved.  Because it is well known that zinc oxide is the #1 ingredient found in sunscreens (and most off the shelf at the drugstore do not have zinc in them), almost ALL of their suscreen products have zinc in them.  They also offer many natural-based and organic sunscreens, which I prefer. 

This summer I am on a mission to find the best and most effective sunscreens that fit this criteria:

1.  It must have zinc and/or titanium dioxide of at least 6%.

2.  Obviously, it must be UVA/UVB broad spectrum and SPF 30 or 50.

3.  It must be a natural based sunscreen with no harsh chemicals that penetrate and absorb into the skin, and be PABA free.

4.  It must be very water resistant.

5.  Lastly, and probably toughest to find would be a zinc based continuous SPRAY sunscreen.  With kids in and out of the pool and outdoors all day, reapplying sunscreen would be a lot easier and less of a hassle if I had a very effective spray sunscreen that has zinc in it.  So, far, I have only heard of one brand that has it.  EltaMD.

Many of Coolibar's suncreens meet the criteria (except for #5 which isn't the most important) and I'm excited to try out Badger, All Terrain, Blue Lizard, VaniCream which can all be found here.

If you have any recommendations for good suncreens based on the above criteria, feel free to leave me a comment with your suggestion! :)

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