Sunday, June 3, 2012

Run for Dunn

The first annual Run for Dunn was a huge success!  As many of you know, Amy Dunn was one of our fellow 'Sol Survivors' who, sadly, passed away in March from complications due to melanoma.  Her family and friends decided to do a run in her honor on her 30th birthday to celebrate her, to raise money for her scholarship fund at Boise State University, to also raise awareness for melanoma.

That's where we came in!  We gathered all the educational materials that we have (including our very own brochure!) on melanoma and other skin cancers, detection strategies, and sun safety/prevention practices as well as tons of sunscreen samples.  We were also able to get a couple of local dermatologists to conduct skin cancer screenings (in which they did over 60!)

Our little foundation is growing and we had so much support at this event from our husbands, to fellow 'Sol Survivors', to newbies who have joined "the club" to help us with our mission!

The event was very well organized, thanks to some of Amy's friends and there were over 200 participants!  Not bad for the first event!  There was birthday cake for Amy after the run, and many people just stuck around after to hang out.

And don't worry, we made sure everyone had sunscreen on!  Nobody was walking out of that event with a sunburn!

Our booth!!!

Sunscreen samples, chapstick, and educational materials!

The 3 co-founders of Sol Survivors Melanoma Foundation--Janice Dilworth, Me, and Lisa Bulow!

Get ready, get set....



The crew, including Amy's parents, brother, and best friends!

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