Friday, August 3, 2012

Alisa, warrior princess

One of the blogs and melanoma warriors that I follow is Alisa.  She is the same age as me, is a mom of 3 boys, and lives in UT.  She is currently fighting Stage 4 melanoma and is fighting for her life. 

This incredible, lovely, strong lady is such an inspiration to me.  Her story, her fight, but most of all, her optimism and faith is truly astounding.  She is something else.  You must read her story, but be prepared, you will need klennex.  Not because her story is heartbreaking, but because she writes and expresses herself so beautifully and perfectly.  Her emotions are real and raw and the way that she lives her life despite the circumstances is such an example to me of someone who truly lives in the present and enjoys the simplicity of everyday life, cherishes her loved ones, and moves forward with faith and hope.

Reading Alisa's story and thoughts continually reminds me to be grateful for my life, to hold my loved ones close, and to not let life pass you by.  I pray for you Alisa, that you will continue to be blessed with miracles, that you will be healed, and that you will continue to inspire all those around you!

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Alisa said...

You are so sweet Christina! I can't wait to meet you one day. Soon, and then in many many years.