Wednesday, August 8, 2012

24 months REMISSION!

Well, I made the 2 year mark.  August 2, 2012 marks 24 months in remission from Stage 4 melanoma.  2 years ago, I wasn't sure I would be here.  I am so blessed and grateful that I am though and even though I am still just as nervous for scans every 3 months, I do feel I can breathe just a tad more in between those tests.  When I saw my doctor this month, I thanked him for helping keep me alive for 2 years.  His response, "Kid, you have many more years to go!"  I love his optimism.  Seriously, he is a great doctor.

On another positive note....

After 5 months of fighting my insurance, we were finally able to get the radiation approved!  Ok, so it was kind of a "back door" that we went through, but still, who cares?!  I am on cloud 9 just knowing that the plan that my doctors have set out to do will finally be accomplished.

Even though I currently don't have "active" disease, the one remaining nodule in my lung will no longer be visible after we complete radiation.  Well, maybe there will be a little scar tissue after radiation, but that is certain.  Right now, we are uncertain if what remains is scar tissue or possibly some "dormant" melanoma cells that will misbehave in the future.  By receiving radiation to this nodule, we are ensuring that this tissue is indeed dead.  It is an insurance polilcy.

Oh, and scans were good!  Remission remains and now I am one step closer to the most important status.... N.E.D.!!!!

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