Thursday, February 21, 2013

2 1/2 years

I am so pleased and grateful to report that I have made it to my 2.5 year mark in remission!  What a big milestone for me.  I recently had scans and treatment, and although I am always very nervous and anxious, deep down I felt the results would be good.  And they were!
Until I hit 3 years, I will continue to have scans every 3 months, but when I hit the 3 year mark, I will go every 6 months! What a relief.  I have to say that as much as I dread the scan time, it's always a reminder to me of where I came from and how far I have come.  I appreciate those humbling reminders because I need to ALWAYS remember the journey I have been on and the lessons I have learned.
For example, when I look at this picture of me in the hospital 2.5 years ago, I remember so many things.  I remember how sick and wiped out I felt, the fevers and chills I would get, the nausea, the itching, the 2 hour constant vital checks that would always wake me up, and so much more.  But I also remember the excellent care I was in.  The amazing nurses who always cared and took such great care of me, my doctor who checked on me each morning, and of course, my parents always there by my side supporting me and giving me the things I needed (like food from outside the hospital!).  I also remember thinking that as awful as those experiences in the hospital were, it was worth it because the treatments were working and that was all I needed to hear to keep going...

And now here I am, 2.5 years later, healthy and in remission.  I wasn't sure I would see that day, but I made it and I'm so eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father for working his miracles on me.  Faith and prayers work!  I know I wouldn't be here solely on my own faith and prayers.  It's the faith and prayers exercised on my behalf from my family members and so many friends that have kept me here.  That, I have no doubt.  Faith is a beautiful thing and God is good!

(Me today, celebrating good scan results and continued remission!)

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{amy} said...

Congratulations on 2.5 years in remission!!!