Saturday, May 11, 2013

Love hearing good news!

Can I just say that I rejoice for other's successes just as much as my own?!  I love it when I hear that my melanoma friends are having success with treatments!  It is just as much of a celebration for them as it is for me because it means that we are winning the battle against melanoma!
Take for instance, my friend, Kari, who has been fighting melanoma on and off for 10 years.  She has been doing a clinical trial in L.A. of the Anti-PD1 drug and just found out last month that she is in remission again!  I couldn't be happier for her and her family.  She is my hero and if anyone can beat melanoma, it is Kari.  She has such a winning, never-give-up spirit.
Then there is my friend, Alisa.  She has had some major bumps in the road the last few months to get accepted into a clinical trial (same one as Kari), but finally did and will be starting treatment in 2 weeks!  Alisa had major success with Yervoy, which is a drug similar to Anti-PD1.  I just know this drug will work for Alisa too.  Alisa is already a walking miracle and I know that she will continue to be!

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