Saturday, May 18, 2013

MRF Gala 2013

I attended my second MRF (Melanoma Research Foundation) gala in SF.  It's a wonderful event and raises a lot of money for MRF, which in turn goes to funding research grants and education.  MRF asked me to present the awards to the Courage recipients this year (last year I was one), which was a true honor and priviledge!  All of them were fantastic and truly embody the word, "survivor".

Such a beautiful venue.  Love the tall ceilings and pillars.

My dear friend, Tina Rosenthal, who I admire so much.  She was instrumental for me before and during my treatments in the hospital.  She prepared me well with what to expect from treatments, sent me books and literature to read, and even came to visit me in the hospital several times.  I just adore her to pieces.  Her and I think a lot alike!  Wish we lived closer.

Dr. Minor with myself, Tina, and Sue, all Stage 4 melanoma survivors and patients of this brilliant and wonderful doctor.  He is a big reason we are all still alive!

Some other melanoma survivors and warriors, Kristina (far left), and Aine (far right).  This was my first time meeting Kristina (Stage 3) in person and I was so happy to meet her!  She is simply amazing in every way and a true fighter!  Aine is a young girl (Stage 4) who was at the gala last year when I attended.  I was very relieved to see her doing well and responding to treatment!

The day after the gala, I had my routine scans and treatment.  I was grateful for the distraction of the gala the night before to keep me from getting nervous the next day.  Fortunately, I received good results and am able to continue forward with good health and remission.  God is good!!!


{amy} said...

I don't know what happened with my comment. I'm sorry if you're getting this twice! I'm so glad you got good news at your appointment, and I love that you give God the glory! Also, I know Suzanne Lescure! We are both members of the same Ocular Melanoma group on Facebook, and I finally got to meet her & Mike at an OM conference in March! Great people!

The Path Traveled said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun while supporting such a great cause. Thanks for sharing.