Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sol Survivors update

A few exciting things in the works for Sol Survivors!  First off, our paperwork is in!  We are hopefully one final step closer to becoming an official non-profit.  I couldn't be more thrilled (and overwhelmed).  Now is the waiting game and hopefully by the end of the year, we will have heard back from the IRS.  Crossing fingers!
Second...our support group is growing more!  We have added a few new members.  There is Reese, who is currently fighting Stage 4, Shaelyn a 7 year old girl fighting Stage 3, Christie from Mountain Home who is fighting Stage 3, and Courtney who is been in the clear for almost 5 years from Stage 1.
It is truly exciting to know that our group is reaching more and more people in our community.  I know that if nothing else, even without our education and awareness presentations, that this support group is important and NEEDED.  Every time we meet someone new, I have this undeniable feeling that we were supposed to come together, to meet, and to share our stories and lives with one another.  Each person is unique, incredible and brings something different to our group.  It is awesome!
We have a few schools scheduled for the Fall semester coming up and I'm excited to present our information and stories to another group of high school-aged kids!  I know that we are saving lives with this information.  My hope is that as we grow, we will be able to accommodate more schools, but for now, this is about all I can handle! :)

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