Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Wrong Road

I recently watched this video and it touched me so much I just to share it.  I feel like there have been many times in my life when I have realized that I am on the "wrong road" when I have felt it was right.  It is frustrating to go down a path that you feel is right, only to have to back track and find the right path.

What I have come to realize watching this video is that sometimes God leads you down the wrong path at first because he wants you to learn something, maybe an important life lesson that wouldn't have been learned any other way.  Or maybe God wants to reassure you that when you do find the right path, the other path was undoubtedly wrong.

While it may seem incredibly frustrating to be going the wrong direction for a time, in the end, I believe that is all for our good.  We can't learn or progress in this life without stumbling across road blocks in our path.  For when we do overcome those road blocks and find the right path again, we have a greater appreciation for our successes.

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