Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sarah Hays Shurtz

This beautiful, courageous woman is so incredible. She lives in SLC, UT and has Stage 4 terminal cancer. Doctors don't know what kind of cancer she has, so Sarah has tried all kinds of chemo (used for different types of cancer) and had mixed responses. She wasn't supposed to live this long, but she keeps fighting and is still here, all with a smile on her face! What an inspiration she is to all who know her! I am so happy that we finally connected and will continue to keep her in my prayers! To see her website or read her blog, click on below links (blog hasn't been updated in a year, but you can still read her story there).


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading Sarah's story and I watched a couple of videos of her on You Tube. The 2011 race is this weekend, isn't it?
Misty in KY

Christina said...


Yes her race is this weekend in SLC. I wish I could be there to support her, she is so courageous and really needs this right now!

The Path Traveled said...

Reading Sarah's story is better sweet. She really shows her faith in this story and her strength. Thank you for sharing.