Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why I Relay

Relay for Life 2011 was beyond undescribable. It was a lot of work to prepare for this event, but we did it and it wouldn't have happened without all the amazing support from our family and friends. At the end of it all, we were able to raise over $4500 for the American Cancer Society! We sold cupcakes, s'mores (our motto was "Don't roast like a marshmellow, wear s'more sunscreen!"), head wraps, and key chains. Our booth looked awesome, our team had incredible energy and euthusiasm, our goods sold like hot cakes, and our ability to promote melanoma awareness and prevention (by showing a video-Dear 16 Year Old Me, wearing statistics on our shirts, and handing out literature) was flat-out brilliant. We basically killed it (Yes, I'm bragging. Bug off! ;)

I can't wait for next year. Everybody had such a great time we didn't want it to end. Next year will be even better and we will raise twice the amount of money. I have no doubt! To Safe In the Sun team, you guys are nothing short of incredible and words can't express how grateful, humble, and awe-struck I am by your talents, time, and willingness to help. It was quite the night!

In all seriousness though, the part of the evening that got me choked up a bit was walking around the track with my dear husband and sweet children. It was an honor to be there in that moment-to remember our loved ones who have passed from cancer and to honor and celebrate those fighting and surviving. I realized that I am now part of this group. I am still here fighting. I am surviving. And I'm doing it for these 3 boys who give me more joy in my life than I ever dreamed of. They are why I am here and why I will never give up. I love you Eric, Austin, and Carson. You ARE the light of my light!

To read more about this event and see more pictures, visit our family blog:


Rebecca and Andy said...

This is Andy Wileman, to answer your question, yes the last surgery I had they removed enough to harvest the T cells and told us that would always be an option if nothing else worked. I have a feeling we may be doing it soon. We will know next week and I will let you know.

Rebecca and Andy said...

And I agree with you on Relay for Life. We are big participants at ours and we love it. We look forward to it every year.