Thursday, September 22, 2011

Idaho 'Sol Survivors'


A couple of other melanoma warriors/survivors in the Boise area and I are forming a melanoma support group, called the Idaho Sol Survivors. It is the first step in forming our foundation, that we felt needed to happen soon. With no real support here locally for melanoma patients and survivors (and their caregivers), as well as no melanoma specialists, we felt that there was a huge need. Plus, with the alarmingly growing rate of melanoma in Idaho and Boise (one of the fastest in the country), it seemed necessary to put this group together now.

We plan to meet every month and are working on getting the word out through various channels. Specifically with our doctors who diagnose and treat melanoma here like dermatologists and oncologists. They are probably the most critical to spreading the word and getting a good, solid group together here. Various topics we will discuss in our monthly meetings are treatment options (locally and nationally), doctors who specialize in those treatments, awareness/education, health and nutrition, caregiver support, the list goes on...

Our next step, once we have established a foundation (early next year) is to start promoting awareness in schools locally. We hope to be given the opportunity to talk to students (and their parents) about melanoma prevention and detection. In the future, we would like to conduct fundraisers in various forms to help raise money for different foundations that do research for melanoma treatments (like MRF), as well as help support patients that have limited resources to seek out the best care.

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