Sunday, September 11, 2011

Viking Man

Well, I did it again. I kicked some major #$@ in my second race this year, called the Viking Man. It wasn't without it's set-backs though. I had a rough morning to start with not getting enough sleep the night before, then problems getting my wet suit to zip up, a timing chip that didn't work, a tough headwind to ride against on the bike, and lastly getting the wrong directions from a cop (who was directing traffic) which led me down the wrong course and added an extra 7 minutes onto my bike time. OH well, things like that happen sometimes though, and I really can't complain because I still managed to place 1st in my age division and 2nd in overall females (I would've gotten 1st overall if it weren't for getting off course). It was a tough race, but a lot of fun and I'm just glad I had my husband and kids there supporting me!

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