Friday, May 25, 2012

And we're 'LIVE'!!!

After 2 months of working on our website, we are ready to share it with the world!  There are still some minor changes and things to edit and add, but we are pleased with how it's turned out!

Please do us a favor and share our website to your family and friends!  We want to spread the word to help educate people about melanoma and also bring hope to those battling it.  There are many survivor stories that we have shared and MANY more to be added soon!  If you would like to share your melanoma survival story with us, please contact us at:

We feel incredibly blessed with how things are progressing with the foundation so far.  The next step is to get our non-profit status and start getting donations so we can progress our work and mission!  If you are able to help out in any way, whether that be donation (to help us with start-up fees, IRS paperwork, marketing materials, etc), or helping at an event please visit our website!

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