Saturday, September 29, 2012

Need we say more??

Wise up, people!  Tan, leathery skin does NOT look good.  Especially as you age.  Case in point?  The "tan mom" (picture below).  Guess how old she is??  44!  She looks 64!
Don't think the occasional tan is hurtful?  Tanning is a real addiction.  Just like an eating disorder.  Tanorexics think they are pale.  They don't see themselves tan enough and they tan as often as possible.  Some even a couple times a day (and will go to different salons to avoid the regulations).  It is SAD.

Most importantly, tanning bed use leads to MELANOMA (75% of the time), which often leads to DEATH....

Need we say more??  A tan is NOT worth your LIFE.  Trust me!