Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Never give up on anybody...

Not too long ago, I posted about a fellow melanoma friend and blogger, Alisa (see my post).  She is my age, married, with 3 boys.
If you can recall, I wrote about how inspired I was by her story, her strength and courage, but also how real she is in sharing her struggles with cancer (and finds humor in them!).  Through all of her challenges though, she has remained optimistic and hopeful for a MIRACLE.
In June of this year, she and her family received unfortunate news that the melanoma had further metastasized.  Her scans dated in June showed metastasis in her brain and all throughout her body. 
She had over 100 tumors.  Yes, you heard me, 100.
Alisa started Yervoy shortly after her June scans and only a couple weeks later noticed that some of her subcutaneous lesions appeared to be "melting away".  She was hopeful that this was a good response to treatment.  Right before her next scheduled infusion of Yervoy, she developed colitis and was unable to do the second treatment.  Because of the state of her colon, she was never able to do another treatment of Yervoy.
Hence, Alisa only had ONE treatment of Yervoy.
Her faith remained as she prayed that maybe one treatment would be enough (as she was seeing success).   Well, it was enough.
Just yesterday, Alisa had scans again and I couldn't be more thrilled for her, as the results were ASTOUNDING.
Alisa went from over 100 tumors down to FOUR.
If that isn't a miracle, than I don't know what is.  What a wonderful blessing to Alisa and her sweet family! 
And what a testament that good ole' prayers and faith WORK.  That sometimes ONE can be enough because God's power comes in and does the rest.  It is through His onmipotent power that Alisa was healed.
When I heard Alisa's news on Facebook, I literally cried and jumped up and down!  I haven't even met Alisa yet (in person), but I have felt compelled by her story to encourage, uplift, and pray for her through her fight.
Melanoma might be a devasting disease to so many, but that doesn't mean that miracles don't happen.  For Alisa, myself and so many others that I know, I am so grateful that miracles do exist! 
(If you would like to read Alisa's blog post sharing this news, along with some pretty amazing pictures of before/after scans, go here.) 

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