Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bad examples

We all know people in the media or public eye who, let's just say, don't always conduct themselves in the best manner or make the best choices? People who promote unhealthy habits, such as smoking, obsessive drinking, etc. Or how about people who promote use of indoor tanning beds?
We all know a few. Let us first introduce you to the Jersey Shore cast. We all know them. Some of us may even love them (they make for entertaining TV), but most of us probably think they are just trashy and obnoxious. What I dislike MOST about the cast of the Jersey Shore is their addicition and habit of tanning.
You might have heard of their famous tag line, "Gym, Tan, Laundry" or GTL? These reality stars have a problem and unfortunately, for a lot of Americans who watch them, they think that tanning is ok and not bad for you.
I hope that most Americans are smarter than that. C'mon, does this picture of Snooki in a tanning bed really make you want to go bake yourself?
I think not. And then there's the "Tan Mom", who we all watched or read about back last May (ironically Melanoma awareness month) who was accused of allegedly putting her daughter in a tanning bed. She made national headline news, and fortunately, in a GOOD way. Her addiction to tanning was obvious and DISTURBING. Just take one look at her!
She looks like a raisin! Or better yet, a burnt piece of toast! Even though her tanning addiction (from which they have coined the phrase, "Tanorexia") is a little extreme, it just goes to show that tanning can become a very serious addiction. Tan Mom even admitted to using tanning beds often twice a day and in different salons! The scary and real truth about tanorexia is that people who suffer from this disorder don't see themselves as TAN ENOUGH. They perceive themselves as unacceptable PALE.
What I am hoping is that these "bad examples" in the media actually turn out to be "good examples" of what NOT to do. Let's use their examples and their unhealthy habits to create some awareness for melanoma and the real dangers of tanning and/or not protecting our skin from the sun. It's already a proven fact (by multiple medical associations and organizations) that these UV devices, along with the sun, can cause MELANOMA. And melanoma is DEADLY if not caught early.
(Ever wonder why a tanning bed looks eerily similar to a coffin?)
Remember, melanoma is not just skin cancer. It's the kind of cancer that kills (often quickly) and takes too many lives each day. We need to do a better job educating people on this subject, so that these deaths can be prevented!

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