Saturday, January 5, 2013

Melanoma Miracle

The below post was written by a fellow melanoma warrior, Alisa Linton, 33 years old, fighting Stage IV melanoma. Her story is nothing short of miraculous.


 "In 2012:

I spent 1/10 of my year in the hospital in critical care.
Most of those weeks I couldn't walk out the room without blacking out.
I was too sick even to smile.
I gained 120 lbs.
I lost 115. :)
I put a binder together for my funeral requests.
My heart stopped for 7 seconds.
I grew 25 brain tumors.
I destroyed 25 brain tumors.
I got my first tattoos.
I explained to my kids how I was dying.
My kids stopped believing me.
I mourned a bit.
I celebrated a ton.
I had melanoma in my liver, bones, lungs, brain, and really all over.
I now have only three tumors left.

2013 is the year we get rid of this beast for once and for all!"
Remember, there are miracles all around us, we must never give up hope.

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