Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scan results

Well, my gut instinct was right. I was really hoping it wouldn't be, but it was. I didn't have a complete response from the biochemo. I still have one tumor remaining (the biggest one), although the good news is that it is still shrinking. Maybe the shrinkage has slowed down, but the tumor isn't "metabolically active". Which is good. My doctor thinks that with the maitenance therapy over the next year I have a good shot of having a complete response by the time I'm done. I have to hold onto that hope. I know the doctor can't predict what will happen, but I have to trust my health and life in his care right now (which is hard for me!) and just keep on truckin'. I also have to remind myself that I've had a very positive response thus far, with 5 of the 6 tumors completely obliterated. That is still good. I have to ignore the risk of recurrence and the statistics. If I get too tied up in that, my spirits are just not what they need or should be. But it is a daily struggle to always remain optimistic and hopeful. And this month has been harder to do so because of how physically exhausted and weak I have felt. I'm hoping as I continue recovering and feeling better, the mental part will also get better.

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Lisa said...

I'm catching up on your journey and glad to see your posts ... hang in there - have a wonderful time with your family - and here's to brighter days ahead in 2011! Looking forward to seeing you and we should start planning a Relay for Life Team! Lisa B.