Monday, December 27, 2010

Is 2010 over yet?

Maintenance therapy wasn't as easy as I thought I would be. I thought going from 5 drugs to 1 would be a piece of cake. But those 2 days in the hospital were rough. Maybe it's because they're pumping 5 days worth of that drug into my body in the span of 42 hours?! But the good part is that it is only 2 days which makes it so much easier mentally. Coming home was also brutal because I developed a rash 2 days after being discharged from the hospital and we couldn't figure out if it was a side effect of the drug I was getting, or an antibiotic I had started 5 days earlier for a sinus infection. It turned out to be the latter. Thank goodness. That rash kept me up for nearly 4 nights (right before Christmas) and I have never been that exhausted in my lilfe. I had so many last minute Christmas errands to run on top of that, pack for our weekend trip to UT, and take care of kids. The only reason I got through that week was through "angels" aka friends who offered to help with kids, bring meals, and take me to and from the doctor's office. I'm so blessed. And I know despite my lack of sleep that God was watching out for me and blessing me in these other ways.

Christmas weekend was nice and so great to spend with family, but I was ready for it be over. In fact, I'm ready to kick 2010 out the door. Sure, there were some great highlights and we have been extremely blessed, but let's be honest. 2010 was one for the books, being the hardest year I have endured thus far in my nearly 33 years of life. That includes physically, mentally, and emotionally. But I'm still here alive and kicking. The fight in me will never die. I have too much to live for and too many things that I want to accomplish in my life. Mostly, I want to change lives and help others. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to do that yet, but I have to hold onto that hope. There is more life to be lived! 2011 better go off with a bang! I usually make lots of goals or resolutions every year, but this year I'm simplifying it. My only goal for 2011 is to kick the cancer out of me once and for all!!!

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