Sunday, June 19, 2011

My kids' prayers

Austin: "Dear Heavenly Father:
Please help the medicine to work for Mom
so she can doesn't have to go to CA to the
doctor anymore. Help her to get all the way
better so she can stay with us."

Carson: "Bless Mommy to not be sick so she
won't cry anymore. And bless the doctor
to make her better so she doesn't have anymore

Just a snipet of my kids' prayers as of late! I usually can't leave their rooms without a dry eye after hearing those sweet, innocent, genuine pleadings! I know that their faith (combined with my own) will make me whole someday!

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Kalisha said...

Reading your blog for the first time and this post is too touching for words. With prayers and such sweet souls as those I know you are strong enough. Looking forward to reading more! Thank you for sharing...