Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sarah Bach

I follow the journey of a fellow melanoma warrior, Sarah Bach who is also a wife and young mom. I don't know her personally, but through reading her journal, I have come to find that she is a wonderful, warm, happy, and beautiful person that truly loves and lives life to the fullest. Over the past month or so, her health has taken a huge downturn. She was also doing Ipi, but started it ahead of me. Since finishing her last treatment and having scans, she has come to find out that she has tumors everywhere in her body and that now it is only a matter of time before this disease takes over her life. This is hard for me, because on one hand I want to lend my support and love to this dear family who is on the brink of losing their wife and mother, but on other hand, it is difficult for me to read these stories because it brings back fear into my mind. I know what the reality of this awful disease can be to so many people, but I also need to remain optimistic about my own future, keep fighting a good fight, and live my life as joyfully as I can. I need to believe that my future will have a different outcome and that I WILL BE A SURVIVOR.

My heart is torn for this family as Sarah says her last good-byes, but I am also comforted by the knowledge that she will soon be pain-free and in the arms of a loving Heavenly Father. I also know that their family will be reunited someday, and so that this really isn't a good-bye, just a "see you later." I pray that their family will find the peace and comfort that they need during this difficult time. I also pray that I will be able to gain added strength, not discouragment, through this experience to fight even harder. I just won't give up!


randi said...

I read this too and sent her family a msg. All are prayers are with her and her family. We won't give up! randi

Kathryn said...

Christina, I'm one of Sarah's Warriors (Pete is my cousin). Thanks for all your expressions of support. It means so much to our family to know that Sarah has touched and inspired people who haven't even met her. And she is everything and more that you know her to be from CaringBridge. Remember what Sarah said: "I'm not a statistic!" Keep fighting. Keep hoping. And most of all, keep loving. It's all that really matters.

The Path Traveled said...

Christina, I read Sarah's story and my heart breaks into as I know yours is breaking also. She has the courage and the will that I would want in her place and should that time come for me in my fight with skin cancer.

Lisa said...

Christina, you have crossed paths with so many brave survivors in your journey ... I will hold Sarah and her family in my heart. Life is unpredictable but we will keep 'loving' as often and as long as we can :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear - I will just say that I am in tears reading her story and especially to see that she had passed today. But as sad as it is, it was also so beautiful and comforting to read. What an amazing story of love. XOXO Em

Tambre said...

Though we can reach out and hug one another, carry each other at times and share hope & inspiration, we are each on our own journey.

Pass on the statistics, a topic I just blogged on recently "Go Figure...But Don't Tell Me About It" ( Statistically speaking, my late husband should have survived his Hodgkin's but he did not. I cannot change the outcome, only choose how I will honor his memory by making the most of my journey without him.

How strong you are to choose to travel your path yet reach out to others on similar roads, looking past fear in order to give encouragement and support! You are inspiring.

Susan Browning said...

Sarah is my sister. I live in Boise, too, and teach at Gold's and at the DT Y. I contacted you several months ago when you posted on Sarah's caringbridge site.
I miss Sarah terribly. She had a tough year that did not end the way we prayed for. God had a different plan. We rejoice that she is no longer in pain, but I would still give anything to selfishly have her back.
Christina. Your journey and fight are yours. Pray, play, love, eat, rest, live, laugh, and love some more!
God bless you and your family.