Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Born again

As you can tell by now, I am a big fan of inspirational quotes and such.  When I find a good one, I want to share it with everyone because it always brightens my day or reminds me of what is important in life! :)
I love this particular quote because once again, I reminded that the only thing that truly matters is what we do today--not tomorrow, not one month from now, not one year from now, and not even 10 years from now.  Only today counts because when you think about, it could be your very last day!  My goal each day (even on my bad days) is to make someone happy.  To make someone feel loved and do something nice for someone else.  Often times it is just my family, but I try to go outside of that and reach out to the people in my circle of friends, network, extended family, community, church, etc.  Even if it is just a smile or a compliment, it makes me feel good.
To me, that's what matters most.  Serving others, helping others, and being selfless.  I have a long way to go truly be selfless, but I'm trying and I know my efforts aren't in vain.

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