Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sol Survivors is growing!

Almost two years ago, Lisa, Janice and I (all co-founders of Sol Survivors) got together and formed a support group for melanoma survivors and their caregivers here in Boise.  We knew there was a great need in our community and so we forged into unchartered territory, not knowing any other melanoma survivors/warriors in our community other than ourselves.
But you see, miracles continue to happen though.  And at our very FIRST meeting, we had two new people!  One gal, Robin, was someone I had met at the gym recently and who was a two-time melanoma survivor.  She came because she felt that she lacked that support in her life, from people who knew the physical and emotional toll that melanoma had taken on her, and wanted to see if a melanoma support group would possibly fill that hole in her life.
And then there was Ruby, whom we didn't know was coming prior to our meeting. She had heard about our support group through Amy Dunn.  (Unfortunately, Amy Dunn passed away a year ago.)  Ruby had recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 and was seeking treatment options in L.A. with a melanoma specialist.
Fast foward two years, and we have made incredible friendships with these gals and strengthened our bonds with each other...And we have also added a few more members to our group since then!!  It has been such a blessing in our lives to meet each month and be strengthened from one another, empathize with our struggles, and celebrate our successes.  I count these women in my life to be crucial to my own support system, but not only that, life-long friends as well.  I also know without a doubt that we were all destined to cross paths and meet.  Do you ever feel that way about people whom you meet?  Once again...
I strongly believe that we don't just meet people by chance or coicidence.  God puts people in our lives for reasons.  Sometimes those reasons are for us, to help us in some way and other times, they are for the other person, in whom we are meant to help.  With these remarkable ladies, or 'Sol-mates', I believe we have all of that.  We all help each other.  We lift each other.  And we have each other's backs (not to mention melanoma's back!). 
And that is what it is all about.

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