Tuesday, April 16, 2013

B Strong

We live in an increasingly scary, unsafe world.  First people were bombing buildings like the Twin Towers in NYC.  And then came bombs at schools and movie theatres.  But now marathon races?  Seriously?!?! What is this world coming to?
I was appalled and shocked to hear about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon yesterday.  I was also freaking out because I had friends running it and on the sidelines.  I was relieved to hear that all of them were safe, however, my heart broke when I heard about the people who lost their lives (like the 8 yr old boy cheering on his dad), or people who lost their limbs or were severly injured.
So, so frightening and devasting.  Yet, through it all, miracles and glimmer of hope sprung forth.  People came together and supported the victims' families, donated blood, held vigils and fundraisers, and rallied around the city.  There is hope in this world and seeing all of the acts of service, love and support is a reminder that there is still more "good" in this world.

I love this photo of these soldiers who ran the entire marathon in their fatigues and wore 60 lb. packs!  It is truly inpsiring.

And I just think this photo is so funny, yet true!!

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