Friday, April 5, 2013

Hope conquers all

I just love both of these quotes about hope.  Hope was vital to me during my fight (still is!) and I know without it, I wouldn't be alive today.  Many things gave and give me hope.  Here are just a few that helped pull me out of my "darkest moments" and keep me going still:
1.  My friends and family.  I have always said that I have the most incredible support system which helped tremendously in keeping the hope alive.  I was constantly surrounded by people who buoyed me up, who encouraged me, and who never gave up on me!  In addition, having hope that I would still be here for my husband and two boys was my strongest drive to live.
2.  Other survivors.  Personally knowing people who have survived Stage 4 melanoma (and are alive 5, 10 years out still), kept me thinking, "They did this, so can I!"
3.  My doctor.  He never gave up on me.  He never treated me like a number or statistic either.  His continual optimism throughout my treatments helped fuel my drive to keep on going!
4.  My purpose.  I have always had this strong sense of my purpose here on Earth.  And all along, even in my darkest moments, I clung to the fact that I knew I wasn't "done' yet, that my purpose in life hadn't been fulfilled, that I had a mission to accomplish, and that God still needed me here!
5.  God's love.  There were countless times when I would feel God's love around me, and feel his almighty power.  His love, his comfort, his quiet reassurance that everything would be ok kept me going, especially when I needed it the most.

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